Visus RAD (English Version)

Visus RAD

Agile information system
Model-driven rapid development environment

Digitizing information and processes is one of the key to enterprise success.
Its implementation is a work technically complex, costly and with high risk of failure.

VISUS RAD is a platform designed to simplify and speed up the realization of this goal.
It allows you to quickly define a working prototype going gradually to the complete system.
It is also ideal in the integrationevolution and migration of existing systems.

The approach does not focus on specific applications designed to solve single problems but on the whole set of information and processes conceived as a organic system.

It does not require coding with traditional development languages: it allows you to work at a higher level of abstraction, turning your attention away from innumerable details and issues of programming and technology, focusing on the functional aspects that are the real object of development activity.

The system is based on the definition of a logical model that provides information about data and processes to be digitized.
The system, in real-time and automatically, interprets the model and ‘produces’ a solution that meets the specifications.

This particular and original approach gives you great benefits:

  • Dramatically reduces complexity in favor of simplicity, speed and money saving;
  • It does not require advanced technical-computer skills, privileging and enhancing the knowledge of the scope and subjects of digitizing;
  • Streamlines the information system, focusing on information and processes, allowing it to ‘clean out’ the myriad of  ‘applications’ that stiffen it;
  • Enables future painless integration of new features and new technologies;

Thanks to Visus RAD, dozens of solutions have been made quickly and economically viable; several companies have adopted it as the main tool for developing and integrating their information system.
See the Customers section.

Main features:

  • Solutions made without coding with traditional development languages but only with definig of a logical model;
  • Solutions rendered in WEB mode compatible with all browser, in desktop and mobile versions;
  • Access to many data sources and protocols:
    Relational databases, WebServices, File Systems, IBM/Lotus Domino repository, CSV e XML data flow, SMTP/POP, RSS, SNMP, ModBUS, MQTT, etc.;
  • Complete set of features for data management
    adding, updating, deleting, ordering, filtering, grouping, printing, exporting (CSV, XML, PDF, Excel, Json, iCalendar, vCard);
  • Complete set of actions executable in manual, trigger or time scheduled manner:
    SQL commands and stored procedure, operative system commands, JAVA code, data import/export,  mail send/receive;
  • Dynamically user defined Workflows management;
  • Time based data management with ‘Calendar’ views;
  • Charts and Pivot table generating;
  • Mapping and georeferencing;
  • Role based user authentication and autorization with data field granularity, full integrable with host information system (LDAP, JAAS);

Many detail available on italian version.

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